Zero Waste Bamboo Drinking Straws - sunstainables
Zero Waste Bamboo Drinking Straws - sunstainables
Zero Waste Bamboo Drinking Straws - sunstainables
Zero Waste Bamboo Drinking Straws - sunstainables

Zero Waste Bamboo Drinking Straws

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  • ✅ REUSABLE & BIODEGRADABLE – Reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastic items. With BIKO BAMBOO, you get 12 reusable washable straws that you can use for years. There’s no guilty feeling if it’s time to dispose of these biodegradable straws.
  • ✅ SAFE & NON-TOXIC – Made from natural bamboo material, be glad to know you’ll be using a product with an organic source. Our BPA-free reusable straws contain no dyes, inks or petroleum-based chemicals which make up plastic straws.
  • ✅ VERSATILE & RESISTANT – Don’t hesitate to use our straws whatever the temperature of the beverage is. While plastics falter on hot beverages, bamboo doesn’t shrink or burn your lips while you sip a hot coffee.
  • ✅ GOOD MOUTHFEEL –  The taste won’t be different. None of that artificial taste you get from metal straws. Unlike metal drinking straws, bamboo doesn’t bite your lips. Our handmade bamboo straws are also ideal for users with sensitive teeth.
  • ✅ BEAUTIFUL DESIGN – Bamboo reusable drinking straws have a unique appeal. They have a natural beauty which you won’t get from colored plastics and cold-looking metals. You also get the chance to do your share in saving the environment.

There are many horror stories of all the plastic waste in the world. And it’s become a serious problem.

Plastics take 200 years to fully decompose, soon enough, we’ll be drowning under piles of wastes! The sad fact is that there is 270,000-tons of floating plastic in our oceans. All of this plastic kills over 100,000 sea creatures each year, who often mistake plastics for food!

Plastic straws are the 11th most found ocean trash. Furthermore, in the US alone, we’re using 182.5 billion of these straws annually. That’s enough to fill 46,600 school buses and 9 baseball stadiums!

With all these sad facts in mind, it’s high time we replace single use plastic items. Instead of using single-use plastic straws, bring your own straw wherever you go for a drink.

The future is ours to save. Switch now from disposable straws to BIKO BAMBOO Natural Drinking Straws.

At BIKO BAMBOO, we make top quality, eco-friendly, affordable bamboo products. Our straws are made of real bamboo, a reusable alternative to non-biodegradable plastics. They are durable and built with the earth in mind.

Here are more useful features of BIKO BAMBOO straws:

Each straw is 8 inches long and can be used on hot, cold, liquid beverages.
They only needs warm water, soap, and brush to make our straws clean and ready.
When it’s time to discard them, don’t feel guilt. Our straws are compostable, you won’t have to wait 200 years for them to decompose.

Moreover, every purchase of BIKO BAMBOO straws is a purchase for pandas. For every box sold, we donate 5 cents to Pandas International.