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Bamboo Tableware Set

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  • Children's Bamboo Bowl with Suction Cup & Matching Spoon from Tiny Dining
  • Made from 100% natural bamboo fibre; anti-bacterial & anti-microbial
  • Bowl Diameter: 136mm Height: 60mm Spoon Length: 141mm Width: 34mm Height: 10mm
  • Suction cup fixes plate to any clean, flat surface, preventing mess; multiple colours available!
  • Hand Wash Only; Once a month, wipe with coconut oil or beeswax to keep bamboo strong and well-conditioned
children bamboo tableware natural strength anti bacteria neat colourful suction

The Tiny Dining range of Bamboo Plates is the mealtime revolution that beleaguered parents have been waiting for, with innovative “stay put” suction technology that keeps them fixed to the tabletop, immune to the impact of flailing little limbs!