Biodegradable Bamboo Frisbee 175g - sunstainables
Biodegradable Bamboo Frisbee 175g - sunstainables

Biodegradable Bamboo Frisbee 175g

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  • STRONG, QUALITY MATERIALS: Our environmentally-friendly frisbee discs use self-sustainable, soft-touch bamboo fiber that’s gentle on mother nature but durable and resilient during tournament and recreational games of frolfing and ultimate frisbee.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE: Our outdoor flying discs are biodegradable and breakdown into organic-matter within 12 months. Rest assured that a lost frisbee in a tree, ocean, lake, or park is still retrievable and reusable short-term, but eco-safe and eco-friendly long-term.
  • AERODYNAMIC: The LoveLotte throwing discs boast a patented design to ensure easy flight, accuracy, and precision. The unique dimples on the surface create less friction than competitors’ golf frisbees.
  • IDEAL FOR FROLF AND OTHER YARD GAMES: Whether you’re a beginner disc golf player in a tournament or playing a friendly game with college friends, this all-purpose disc is the perfect frisbee golf game tool! It is ideal for mid-range drives or putting.
  • SAFE AND FUN FOR ALL! While the LoveLotte sports disc is ideal for competition, these all-purpose frisbees are also great for a day at the beach with your kids or a game of fetch with your dog. Even enjoy a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee with friends. Our eco discs are BPA-free, non-toxic, and phthalate-free.

The amazing Eco Disc by LoveLotte is a plastic-free, biodegradable alternative to toxic plastic frisbees which are harmful to your family's health and the environment. Extremely sturdy and made from Bamboo Fiber and USA-grown Constarch, this frisbee will last for many years. If it's lost in the ocean or buried in the earth however, it will break down into harmless organic matter in about 12 months.