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Natural Wooden Baby Teether Toys 4pc

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  • PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT! - Comes in a Cute Gift Ready Box!
  • WHY CHOOSE WOOD TOYS? Wood has Natural ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL properties making wood a superior teething choice. Unlike Silicone, wood doesn’t attract dust! No need to keep rinsing it.
  • NATURAL - ORGANIC - MADE IN THE USA - ECO FRIENDLY TOYS - Phthalate free , Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free, hand sanded to perfection.
  • SUPPORTS BABY’S EARLY MOTER SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Baby works on Hand and Eye coordination all while enjoying relief from teething discomfort.
  • CONVENIENT AND SIZE PERFECT– Easy for on-the-go throw in your purse or keep at home. Easily straps to a pacifier holders and fits perfectly into little hands. (This set is Slightly larger in size then our small forest pack set)

Looking for Natural Teething Solutions? Wooden teething toys are as Natural as it gets

Help Make Teething time a Fun time for your tot and yourself. Equipping yourself and being prepared for this time can make life a whole lot easier!

Our wooden toys are made of Natural untreated unsealed wood with many designs and characters to choose from, baby is sure to get hours of fun drooling time and pain relief. Hand Crafted and sanded to a smooth finish.


. Did you Know that Wood has Natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties? Yep! This is why so many parents prefer wooden toys over others. And unlike Silicone teethers wood doesn’t attract dust, dirt or lint. How Wonderful!! No need to keep rinsing it. Easily attaches to pacifier holders and clips.

Makes a Great Shower Gift

Everyone knows someone with a baby, Add this to your Gift Bag and you will make some parents very greatful.

Into essential Oils?

Wood loves oil! Ask an Aromatherapist or Natural Path how adding oils like frankincense, lavender or clove to teething toys can help with teething. Prefer to Oil Seal your toys? Although its not necessary to seal these teethers. Your package will include a gummy-bear-size of Natural minimal processed NY State beeswax with instructions if you choose to oil seal.
Do not use with high temperature water or heat as it may cause wood to dry, crack and become rough.

Family owned and hand finished in the USA. Please Note Our Teethers have not been tested on animals. A dog's bit has an avg of 250lbs of pressure per bite. Keep away from pets. Order your natural and fun teething remedies Today!

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